David Crisci


David is Managing Director of the Infinity Wellness Group of businesses that operations in sterile and non-sterile compounding, health & wellness consulting, nutritional formulations/vitamins, skin care and also traditional pharmacy. He graduated in 2000 as a pharmacist and has been operating in the area of compounding, personalised medicine, customised therapies, pharmacy, and consulting since graduating. He is also a naturopath, integrative nutritionalist and consultant pharmacist as well as a compounding pharmacist. As well as his degree in Pharmacy, he holds Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine and Western Herbal Medicine. He also has a post graduate Fellowship in Anti-Ageing and Regenerative Medicine through A4M – USA and A5M- Australasia. He is dedicated to improving his knowledge and attends both local and international conferences to stay up to date with the latest information in health and wellness, integrative medicine and personalise therapies.

He is passionate about health and wellness; and through is broad knowledge in pharmacy, evidence based complementary medicine, integrative medicine, functional medicine and others skills he aims to assist patients optimise their health. An area of interest since 2016 has been the use of IV therapies (Amino Acids/Vitamins) and personalised DNA testing along with tailored recommendations. He recommends using specific compounded oral and IV formulations to suit patients’ requirements along with other neutraceuticals and medical options. He see personalised assessment and recommendations as a big part of his practice and vision for patient healthcare.

David is a member of many healthcare organisation such as ACNEM (Australia College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine), AIMA (Australasian Integrative Medicine Association) A5M/A4M (Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine), IFM (Institute of Functional Medicine), PCCA (Pharmaceutical Compounding Chemist of Aust.), CMA (Complementary Medicine Assoc.), ATMS (The Australian Traditional-Medicine Society, NHAA (National Herbalist Assoc. of Aust.) and many other accredited organisations.

David Crisci: Integrative Naturopath, Nutritionalist, Pharmacist, Prescribing Practitioner – B.Pharm, Adv. Dip Nat., Adv. Dip Nutr. Medicine, ND, AACPA, ABAAHP, Fellowship (A4M,A5M) Anti-Aging Functional & Regenerative Medicine