Infinity Wellness Group has newly built compounding only facilities located at Two locations in Glynde occupying over 380sq metres of custom built laboratory space. These facilities are unique to compounding in South Australia and Australia with only one of a few compounding pharmacies with purposely built facilities in Australia. We operate both sterile and non-sterile compounding at Glynde and have staff with over 100 plus years of compounding experience.

At our facility we are serious about compounding and ensuring high standards of all compounded formulations. This gives confidence to you as the patient, customer, or healthcare practitioner that rest assured your product(s) are produced to the highest standards in compounding. We take compounding seriously and have been providing compounding services to the community for over 20 years. We are both Medisca and PCCA (Pharmaceutical Compounding Chemist of Australia) members and always strive for highest and consistent standards of all aspects throughout the compounding and dispensing process.

Our facilities, quality assurance, experience and care, make us one of only a few leading compounding pharmacies in Australia.


Why choose Infinity Wellness Group

There are many reasons why you should trust Infinity Wellness Group with your health, however, here are 6 good reasons ‘why’ Infinity Wellness Group is a leader in pharmaceutical compounding and why you should choose Infinity Wellness Group and its associated businesses for your personalised medicine or health needs.


Infinity Wellness Group has dedicated custom built Compounding Pharmacy facilities with quality equipment (capsule machines, resonate blends for powders , Electric Mortar and Pestle to mix creams, Mill Machine for creams, homogenizers, Mazz blending machine, sophisticated compounding only software and much more high tech equipment to ensure quality) to accommodate for Bio- Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), personalised Nutritional Compounds, and Sterile Aseptic compounds and much more. So our compounding pharmacy can provide you with many options and access to quality compounded items. We have newly built custom facility with 3 separate isolated rooms to avoid cross contaminations of compounded formulations. Our practice for compounding was established over 20 years ago and have recently upgrade and now operate as newly built stand-alone compounding facility in Glynde. We have recently established this facility and have invested heavily to show our growth and commitment to compounding for patients and healthcare practitioners. We not only provide non-sterile compounding but through Infinity Custom Pharmaceuticals at Glynde we provide many sterile options such as IV nutrients, injectables, customised IV amino acids and much more. All through our premium quality facility.


As both leaders and innovators in pharmaceutical compounding, our customers expect only the highest standards of quality and consistency. Infinity Custom Pharmaceuticals & Infinity Compounding Pharmacy source only the highest grade ingredients from both National and International approved manufacturers and suppliers that adhere to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. Our internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) ensure all our customers receive high quality, personalised, and consistent compounded medicines and preparations. We have numerous in house testing methods (sterility testing, endotoxin testing, 24 temperature monitored, 24 hour humidity control, 24 hour pressure monitoring,). Our raw materials are purchased from TGA approved suppliers. This standard ensure confidence to our customers not only from the raw materials we use, also to the final product, as we have strict protocols and procedures to ensure standardised, quality compounds. This sets us apart from our competitors as price is not always the best determinant of selecting your compounded product(s).


We have been compounding for over 15 years and employ 6 compounding Pharmacists, 5 compounding technicians and 3 reception staff. This gives us a great team with many years experience in both sterile and non-sterile compounding. We are well recognised and recommended by multiple practitioners because of our experience and knowledge and this gives our customers complete confidence and trust in our facility.


Infinity Wellness Group personnel are highly qualified; our staff are both Medisca & PCCA (Professional Compounding
Chemists of Australia) trained and undergo continuous training. Continual training and education is part of our culture for continuous Improvement and being leaders in pharmaceutical compounding. These skill sets enable us to provide unparalleled expert knowledge to our practitioners and customers in both sterile and non-sterile compounding.


Thousands of people both locally and interstate are helped by Infinity Wellness Group every year as we partner with your practitioner to deliver innovative treatment options through tailor made medicines specific to your healthcare needs. Our Pharmacists, Naturopath, Anti-Aging accredited practitioner and compounding technicians all collaborate to find the optimum solution to our patients’ needs.


Infinity Wellness Group has been a member since starting compounding over 15 years ago with PCCA (Professional Compounding
Chemists of Australia). We are also compounding members of Medisca and also members of numerous locally and international organisations A5M, IPC (International Pharmaceutical Compounding), ACNEM, IFM, Mindd. We always attend numerous conferences every year, to hear the latest in our field and to interact with practitioner(s) locally and internationally. This ensures we are at the fore front of preventative and health optimisation medicine.